Touring Taps tries to fit any budget because we want everyone to be able to enjoy it. Our all-inclusive drink packages start at around $300, but you can see more about our pricing here.

We want everyone to enjoy our hard work, so we don’t like to set limits on ourselves. Our home base is in the heart of KCMO, so we like to say that we’ll go anywhere within a 50 mile radius and not charge a fee. We’ll go further than that too, we just may have to tack on a few dollars for fuel … we’re not exactly driving a Prius to your party.

YES! Want a custom cocktail to pour from the taps just like the beer? We’ll do that too! Let us know at time of booking and we’ll do everything possible to bring you one of our handmade concoctions.


As much as possible, but we understand that things happen and you may have to call us the week before to book. If it’s a public event, we’ll need a little more lead time (2 weeks-ish) to secure the proper permitting, but we can still be pretty flexible. Check out our Online Booking Calendar or call us today to schedule your event!

We’ll post our public event plans on the Event Calendar page on our website (and most of the time to social media).